Prober & Raphael, A Law Corporation
20750 Ventura Blvd
Suite 100
Woodland Hills CA 91364
Phone: (818) 227-0100
Fax: (818) 227-0637

Why Choose Prober & Raphael?

Prober & Raphael is committed to exceeding client expectations by providing experienced legal representation and the highest level of client service. We also partner with our clients by:

  1. Being able to handle bankruptcy matters in any district court across the entire country. This allows our clients to manage their bankruptcy portfolio with a single call or email.
  2. Our operational controls allow us to draft pleadings in house, negotiate settlements and provide updates—NOT by referring matters directly to a local counsel for handling. We are fully accountable to our clients by taking control of the file from start to finish.
  3. The firm has the "No Objection" approval from FannieMae and FreddieMac, which allows us to handle California bankruptcy and foreclosure matters.
  4. The firm utilizes several industry recognized reporting and update software platforms, which allow for a seamless integration between our clients, their files and our firm.
  5. The firm mandates year round training of its entire staff on compliance issues including Bank Privacy issues, SCRA, FDCPA, UDAAP and RESPA.
  6. An experienced staff that is committed to Accountability, Transparency and Compliance

Client Assistance Program/In-House Training

As a further service to its clients, Prober & Raphael offers a Client Assistance Program for clients that need help with managing an increase in file volume or have a staffing shortage. Our firm will send experienced personnel to a client's office and assist with any case backlog issues as well as help prepare files for referral. Because of our comprehensive understanding of laws and procedures, Prober & Raphael also offers complimentary in-house education training sessions to client personnel.