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Richard McGuire

Mr. McGuire is an associate at the firm, and oversees the firm’s civil litigation practice. Admitted to the bar in May, 2012, Mr. McGuire spent the first nine-and-a-half-years of his practice representing clients almost exclusively in bankruptcy law and litigation matters, appearing as both debtor’s and creditor’s counsel, in all aspects of chapter 7, 13, and 11 prosecution. Including Adversarial Representation. He did this representation as a sole-attorney in his own firm, as well as retained counsel for other lawfirms.

It was in this representation that he gained a deep and “outside-the-box” understanding of civil litigation, as he was frequently called upon to take cases which other attorneys were not willing to take. These involved frequent issues in civil court, family, and criminal law cases where he was able to use the bankruptcy code to effectuate solutions which, at the inception of the case, seemed impossible. His approach to the cases, as well, set him apart, as he always strives to be a force to bring parties together in resolution, rather than apart in adversity. This combination of skill and creativity in litigation, as well striving to “just solve the problem,” makes him the perfect addition to the firm to oversee its civil litigation practice.

Mr. McGuire’s unique history extends to his education, as well. He obtained his Associate’s Degree in Business Management form Moorpark Community College. After which he went straight to law school. obtaining his J.D. from Ventura College of Law, a small law school in Ventura, California. Whatever free time he has is taken up spending time with his wife and daughter, or playing and teaching trading card games at his local game store.

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